What Items can you bring to Peru?

what-to-bring-to-peruYou can bring (temporary) the following items to Peru for personal use (no taxes or duties applied):

  • Clothes for personal use during your trip
  • Toiletry for personal use during your trip
  • Personal items and jewelry for personal use
  • Drugs (medication) for personal use only
  • Aids and appliances for personal medical control and mobilization (wheelchair, stretcher, crutches, blood pressure / glucose meter, thermometer, etc.)
  • Other articles for personal use or consumption or presents which don’t exceed a total value of $300
  • Books, magazines, newspapers and documents for personal use
  • 2 electric hair dryer
  • 1 electric shaver
  • 1 set of sporting equipment for personal use
  • 1 musical instrument
  • 2 conventional or digital camera
  • 1 portable, non-preofesional film or video camera
  • 1 portable non-professional radio or portable, non-professional audio player recorder
  • 1 portable CD / DVD player
  • 1 portable video game device
  • 10 rolls of film, 10 cassettes for portable video camera you carry with you
  • 2 memory cards for the digital camera, video camera or video game advice you carry with you
  • 2 external hard discs for PC and 4 USB sticks for personal use
  • 20 CDs or DVDs
  • 1 laptop
  • 1 digital organizer or 1 tablet PC
  • 2 mobile phones
  • 20 packets of cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 grams tobacco (for travelers older than 18 years)
  • 3l of alcoholic beverages (for travelers older than 18 years)
  • 1 domestic animal (check the veterinary regulations with the nearest Peruvian consulate and / or SENASA)
  • 1 portable electronic calculator

Information as published by Peruvian Customs. All information is subject to change!